♦♦♦ Dead Files Request ♦♦♦

♦ Before placing an request in this session, make sure that the requested file is no longer in the Found and Not Found sessions of the Forum (if it is a request for objects or a set of objects in the Buy or Build category).

♦ If your request is related to category CAS (Creat A Sim), specify in the title of the post as this facilitates in the time to help find, both for the Administrator and for the members of the Forum.
Example: Creator and file name - CAS file.

♦ Do not write in the Forum using all the words in capital (capslook) because this gives the impression of aggression or that you are screaming .... And this really is not necessary.

♦ Only post requests this session for unavailable links or dead site.

♦ Do not be lazy while writing the title of the post. The more information you put in the title of your post, the faster you will be helped. Remember that it is you who are in need of help finding the specified item.

♦Provide details about what you are looking for, such as object name / set, creator's name, original website address, or any link that can provide more information about what you are looking for. Reference images are also fundamental.

♦ Images must not exceed 800x800 pixels and must be submitted to a database of images before being added to the Forum. Hotlinked images are not allowed.

♦ Be patient until you get an answer as some items can be hard to find.

♦ Wait until your request has been answered to post a new request.

♦ Be grateful to the person who helped you. Remember, gentleness generates kindness and there are real people behind machines, not robots.

♦ Do not delete the post when your request is answered so that other people who are looking for the same item can also find it.

♦ If your request is found, it will be added to the Forum Found session.