♦♦♦ Forum Commitment ♦♦♦

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of the Forum is to help the community recover, if not all, a good deal of personalized content that is no longer available for download. And in order to achieve this objective, I clarify the commitment that the Forum¹ owes to the creators and the whole party involved:

    ♦ The Forum undertakes to respect all creators who have their files stored here, donating them in a free and secure way, to all users and members who have access to it.
    ♦ It also undertakes to provide the credits and links, if any, of the source in which it was taken.
    ♦ If any of the creators who have their content stored here feel offended, disrespected, slandered by this same action, the Administrator undertakes to remove any data linked to this Forum from the party involved. Remembering that this Sharing Place was created just to help the community and is not intended to disrespect anyone's work.
    ♦ None of the files here are created by the Administrator and therefore do not belong to the same.
    ♦ It is the Administrator's commitment to check daily whether the above described parts are being followed in any area of this sharing service. Should any of the guidelines be broken by any member or moderator, the Administrator is required to edit, remove, or add any information that may prevent any friction with the creators involved.

♦♦♦ General rules ♦♦♦

The rules described below apply to all areas of the Forum. Please respect and obey them.

    ♦ It is the duty of the members to read the informational parts of each session / category of the Forum and comply with them so that we can enjoy the best possible way of the site.
    ♦ It is expressly forbidden to use words of low slang or that could harm the integrity of any member of this Forum, including the Administrator.
    ♦ Avoid using abbreviated words, such as texts used informally in instant messages, since we have visitors from all over the world and these abbreviations make it difficult to use translators. It is very difficult for some translators to recognize them and this could jeopardize the communication between the users of this site.
    ♦ If you want to contribute to the Forum (commenting, expressing ideas, reporting a problem, providing constructive criticism or even sending files to the sharing areas) it is important that you know all sessions of each forum to your contribution fits.
    ♦ If you notice any suspicious or malicious acts on the Forum by users (members), please report to the Administrator via PM so that the latter can take appropriate action.
    ♦ If any of the Forum users give you a rude, prejudiced or otherwise inappropriate and / or unnecessary answer, do not respond in the same way. Just notify the Administrator through a PM so he can analyze the situation and see what action should be taken.
    ♦ Avoid using animated images on your avatar or signature as they delay loading the Forum.
    ♦ The personal signature, which can be edited in your profile, uses the html mode. If you do not know this mode or do not know how to do it, I recommend that you do a quick search on google or any other search engine because the Administrator may not have the time to help you with this.
    ♦ All the images that are posted in the Forum, should not exceed the size of 800x800. Images with a very high resolution take longer to load, making the Forum slow and difficult to navigate.

¹ Administradores, moderadores, membros e usuários.